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Need help in Advance Durability of NX8.5

Hello Experts,

I have some doubts about Application of loading and curves in NX Advance Durability of NX8.5

• Cyclic Loading with Load Case 1 should be three times and later on load case 2 one time.
e.g.:- On shaft we have to apply a torque in clockwise direction three times and once in anticlockwise direction.
Load Case 1 having clockwise direction torque and Load case 2 having anticlockwise direction torque.

• Batch loading
e.g.:- Load Case 1 for 2 hrs then Load Case 2 for 2 hrs and so on.

• How to define probability curve?

• How to define reliability curve?

• Can we find out multiaxial fatigue phenomenon?

Kindly help in this situation..

Thanks and Regards,
Rajendra D