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No Results file for SOL 601/129




I am running a simulation 601/129. The solution runs through and the job finished, but a results file is not available. I get an error message saying that the .op2 file is not found. I have also recieved a message on other attempts saying that the results file is in the wrong format.


What is the issue here?


Re: No Results file for SOL 601/129

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

SOL 601,129 by default will write results in SORT2 format. These type of results can be opened and plotted in a XY graph format using the Function Toolkit.


NX Post only recognizes SORT1 format results. If you want to generate a deformed mesh, contour on mesh, etc. in Post Processing, modify your output request to explicitly ask for SORT1 output.


Re: No Results file for SOL 601/129

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Solution Partner Creator
Hi michael

Check for fatal errors if any. This error appears whenever there is a problem with the FE Model. And it also mean that solution is incomplete because of some FE Model problem.

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Amit Nandi
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Re: No Results file for SOL 601/129


Hi JimB,


I have exactly the same issue but I don't find the way to modify my outpout request in order to ask SORT1.

I have tryed to plot my results in XY graphs but unsuccessfully.


My case is a simple beam fixed on one extremity and charged with a vertical load on the other. I wanted to charge during 1 s and then remove the load in order to see the reaction of the beam.

Is SOL 601, 129 well used in my case?


Can you explain me the way to see the simulation results ?


Thank you