Nodal Average


In Virtual.Lab you have the option to select Compute on Node as method parameter. According to the help documentation, this option performs a nodal average of the stress tensor before the durability calculations execution. However, no details are provided in the documention about this kind of averaging.

How this average is executed? Is possibile to have a hand calculation example?



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Dear Marcos,


sorry for the late reply  had overlooked this one:


The nodal averaging for fatigue is not so simple Smiley Happy


We are assuming a free surface and therefore a plane stress for the analysis. Therefore also the nodal averaging needs to provide a plane tensor. For this one has to know for each element connected to this node:


Normal vector to the surface

Element Nodal stress tensor

Weight factor depending on the element size


First average the Normal vector

Transform the stress tensors into the plane normal to the averaged normal vector

Average the stresses


Eventhogh this gives no instruction for a handcalculation, I hope this helps





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