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Nx Nastran .f06 file Info


Hi All!


I am writing a script to open, update and scroll at run time the .f06 file. The script must open the .f06 file only when fatal errors are absent.


I would like to know after which section of .f06 file I can be 100% sure that no fatal error will appear and which keyword can identify this critical point.


Re: Nx Nastran .f06 file Info

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Gears Phenom

Usually fatal errors lead to stop of Nastran execution so fatal error message is placed almost at the end of f06 file. 

I open one of f06 files and see that after fatal error message there are only 20-30 lines, compared to hundreds or thousands of lines before fatal. Try to use line:


0                                   * * * *  A N A L Y S I S  S U M M A R Y  T A B L E  * * * *

Re: Nx Nastran .f06 file Info


Hi, if you want to know if your solution is analyzed correctly, keep in mind that errors in model are not the only reason for getting no results. If the disk runs out of free space your OP2 file and F06 file is also incomplete. And as I remember it correctly, that's written into LOG file.

Loosing license can also interrupt the solution process. And I guess that's also written into LOG.

Best wishes, Michael

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