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Outsourcing of computing power


Hi Community


I've got a question regarding High Performance Computing. In the meanwhile we perform a lot of CFD calculations with Siemens NX Flow. On the one hand we simulate simple use cases, that means we simulate the air flow in steady state. On the other hand there are use cases considering thermal-flow coupling as a transient solution. In addition to that these use cases have to cover thermal radiaton of complex geometries. In this case the calculation time rises substantially.


Therefore I would like to ask if there is some experience in outsourcing computing power to high performance computing centers?
Are there recommendations for service providers?


Re: Outsourcing of computing power


Rescale's the way to go in my opinion (, especially if your interest is in the MAYA products, the solvers are designed for this, both for CFD and MPI-based View Factor Calculations.  Rescale's affordable and offers many computing options.  

Re: Outsourcing of computing power

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Hello, You can also find some additional information on the solvers that are supported on Rescale by following this link: