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Parallel Computing for NX : XML file error



Hello everybody,


I am interested in parallel computing abilities available on NX Advanced Flow, but I have something about a XML file that makes me unable to run a parallel simulation with my PC. 


I have 4 cores on my PC and I tried for example to parallelize my CFD computation on 2 of them.


The installation file mpich2-1.4.1p1-win-x86-64.msi  has been well set up before, and there's not any problem of MPI communication now on my PC : it doesn't appear in red and everything seems OK to allow how many cores I want for my simulation.


However, when I ask for a parallelized computation, I feel having followed well the requirements provided in NX Help online, as I picked :

- "Parallel Solver"


- "Execute the solution in parallel" is filled


Solutions Details box.png


The XML file associated to this parallel execution has been filled to use 2 cores, and then well saved  :


XML File window.png 

But despite that, when I'm running my simulation, the options in this XML file look like totally ignored, and I finally found this error message in the execution script :


Bug about the XML appearing in the script.png

I do not understand :

- first, why the XML file window is suddenly opening in that script, and displays options that are clearly not the one I defined (only one core and Solvers not filled) 

- also, the meaning of this error message : why the hell NX doesn't manage to find a parallel configuration file specified in the XML, although everything was already filled there ???



Thanks for showing me how to run a parallel CFD simulation ; I also attached the .sim associated here.




Re: Parallel Computing for NX : XML file error

Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter

Did you installed file "MPICH2" or not?


If you not install 


Go to your folder NX 


Such as D:\Siemens\NX10\NXCAE_EXTRAS\tmg\mpich2


Double click and next throughout untill finished.


You can download patch tmg on web Support ugs.



Re: Parallel Computing for NX : XML file error


Hello jhakkrapong,


The issue has been solved.


MPICH2 was well installed, the problem was actually caused by one character of my folder containing my NX files (and so the XML one) : there was a "è" in the word "parallèle" of the folder, that NX wasn't able to understand.


This explains why it didn't manage to find the XML file.


I simply changed the word "parallèle" by "parallele" (thanks to MAYA support recommandation), and it worked Smiley Happy