Problem: Postview Extremes influenced by legend control


Hello experts,


I've found the following: When selecting  in NX12 Post Processing Navigator in Contour Plot of Post Views the extreme value annotations posted in Views depend on  legend customization.


In my model I have visualized extreme deformations for u.magnitude (with scaling factor for better manipulating the legend).


On the right side there are untouched legend settings. Minimum and maximum are correct.

On the left side there are modifications for Legend extremes.


In former NX versions the extreme value annotations always only depend on the results of the displayed structures. The kind of displaying the values had no influence on the extremes.


But in NX12 it has:

By selecting Specified for Legend Extremes with values inside extremes AND Overflow / Underflow = SHADED, the extremes are smaller than the original extremes.



When selecting Overflow/Underflow = None then the extremes are untouched.



I'm not sure, but my expectations are that the extremes of visualized elements are some kind of fixed information about the model. Now one can adapt NX for hiding the extremes of visualization by accident. That's not good!

If you use templates with fix legend extremes the true extremes will vanish and be replaced by values of  legend manipulation. So, you will get values in that range that you did specify. This is more than an error. I believe it's magic:


"Oh, I want to have only stress values between zero and yield strength, therefore, let's set legend to that values and shade all values above and below. Oh, it looks like we have only value between. The maximum and minimum annotation shoes it! That's fine!"


And, in my case if you

- select compact header,

- deactivate the element edges,

- set the shaded colors to first and last color and

- hide the interpolation element

then you can't say which is correct.





This is a big problem! - Is it possible to bring together shaded specified legend with correct extremes at annotations?

Who can help? - With best regards, Michael

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