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Problem With analysis.exe

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Solution Partner Creator

NX10 on my computer used to work normally but somehow when I start an analysis now, a window appears – “analysis.exe has stopped working” and the solution is killed in the very first seconds.


I’ve searched GTAC Solution Center but couldn’t find an appropriate solution. GTAC recommends to upgrade NX Nastran version which I do that. I’ve re-installed NX & NX Nastran, tried to increase memory, etc. but nothing happened. Still the analysis.exe crushes.


Interesting thing is – when I solve the .dat file from nastran64w.exe, it completes the solution as usual. But I can not solve it over NX window.


I’ll appreciate if you can help me on this. 


By the way, NX 9 & NX 10 are installed on my computer, NX 9 works fine.


Re: Problem With analysis.exe


have you tried other .sim files? You should have a look in the .log and .f06, mostly there aresome hints why things didn't work out.


Re: Problem With analysis.exe


It's got to have something to do with the new monitor in NX10... Not sure what, but we have noticed similar issues with NX10, although it happens at the end of the solve, not the begining, so we get results at least...

Re: Problem With analysis.exe

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Solution Partner Phenom


Here me too as well, only happens with NX 10 and sometime at the end of the analysis (always I am able to postprocess results). I have noted it tend to happens with small models, it seems to be a problem related with the new NX V10 Monitor.

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Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: Problem With analysis.exe

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Siemens Phenom

I posted this answer to the same question in the NX Nastran forum earlier this morning


I didn't realize the OP cross posted until I saw answers pop up from William and Blas just now.


I haven't seen the behavior myself. I would suspect some type of a Java issue, but that's just speculation without a NX syslog showing the problem.

Re: Problem With analysis.exe


Thanks Jim!  We've happily ignored the crashes since it didn't impact our work, but it's nice to have some explanation!