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Problem with streamline generation


The streamlines in my simulation is being generated outside the fluid surface, instead of inside. 1. I created a simple 50 fin heat sink 2. To create an air volume around it, I extruded a cube enveloping the heatsink. 3. In the simulation stage, I created a fluid-domain mesh in that cube and defined one of its face as air inlet and another as 'opening' 4. On simulating, instead of the streamlines going through the cube, they originate at the face of the cube and end outside it. What's happening? Please help!


Re: Problem with streamline generation

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Hello Mrinal_Mani,


Sometimes meshing plays an important role, not only on streamline generation, but also result accuracy.


Some articles in electronics cooling CFD simulations suggest/recommend to have 3 layers of hexahedral element for each gap between the heatsink's fin, in order to capture the flow within the gaps of the heat sink.


Also while plotting the streamline, you will need to select a plotting plane that lays across the heatsink fins, next select the grids/nodes between the gaps to see the streamline from it.


As you mentioned that your streamline is outside of the fluid domain that we analyst defined. So far I didnt encountered this issue before. Possible that this is caused by exagerrated display when we set 10% model in Deformation in the Edit Post View Dialog Box?