Pump Hydrodynamic Radiation and Scattering Noise Simulation


Hi, All

Now I'm have a problem with the simulation of the Radiation and Scattering Noise from the pump,

Firstly, I will introduce the my project

the softwares I use are:



     Acoustic--LMS Virtual Lab

as we all known, the hydrodynamic noise of the pump mainly include two nosie: flow induced noise and flow induced vibration noise


Secondly, Simulation

Step 1.  I try to calculate the struct mode of the pump in Acoustic FEM

Step 2.  Define the modal damping

Step 3.  Import the pressure transient source files (CGNS) which  were drived from CFX

Step 4.  Simulate the inner acoustic field, use Acoustic BEM ,with Modal Type is DBEM--Inner--Element, import the pump volute inner surface mesh as Acoustic Mesh, then use Data Transfer to import the fluid pressure resource ,which was ready in step 3. Insert Acoustic Response Case, and then I get the Inner acoustic field.



How to Simulate the Exterior Acoustic of Pump?

I used try to use Modal Superposition Structural Response Case to simulate the pump structural response under two excitations: fluid excitation from imported cgns and acoustic excitation from the former simulation of inner acoustic , but in LMS virtual lab, I can't import two Load Vector Sets.



And, if I use the Modal Based Vibro-acoustic Response Case, when defien the Acoustic Boundary Conditions and Source, also, it's failed.



So, I want to ask for some advices about how to simulate the exterior acoustic filed of pump?(Inner is water, exterior is air)