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RBE3 elements in Advanced Simulation Application


I want to attach a point mass to a finite element model using the Advanced Simulation
application in NX4, but there is no RBE3 option when building beam elements. This
element is available in NX Nastran, but there is no interface to add them to your
model in Advaned Sim. This is very disheartening because the RBE3 elements are
VERY useful, especially for using point masses in a model to simulate the mass and
inertia effects of components. Use of RBE2 elements adds unrealistic structural
stiffness to the model resulting in bad results. You can use beams or springs with
low stiffness, but adjusting the stiffness to a proper level to obtain realistic
results is far from intuitive. I have an enhancement request in with GTAC to add
this beam element to the Advanced Sim pre-processor at this time. I was surprised
to find this had not been requested in the past. Has anyone else had a need for
these elements and been surprised to not see them available? Also, does anyone
know a good way to attach point masses using what is currently available in Advanced
Sim? Thanks in advance for any help.
Joe Regel