Results Graph Does Does Not Show

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I am having trouble getting my results plots to show. I select my points as shown in the image below. The stress levels are to be plotted over x-position. I click okay and get the dialog box asking me whether I want to plot in a selected viewport or a new window. I have tried both and every time I try, the viewport goes blank (still showing the little CSYS at bottom left) or the new window pops up for a moment, empty, and then disappears. What gives? How do I show my plots?




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Re: Results Graph Does Does Not Show

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I can't find any reason why the graph wouldn't be created from the settings you've defined in the dialog. I hate to say this, but it could be a hardware/graphics card related issue. That is, I don't see any user error in your description. Sorry I can't be of more help, but perhaps someone from GTAC can troubleshoot it better with you.




Re: Results Graph Does Does Not Show


Hi Alex,

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Did you get a new Graph in Object tree of Post processing navigator?

(Example from my last model)



Does it have the correct information inside? (List ...)


If you can see it there, you can try to use Excel to visualize it.



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Re: Results Graph Does Does Not Show

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Perhaps this is what it is afterall.



The data is there under list and I have been using Excel to visualize Smiley Wink


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