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Run Multiple Solution(NX10-Advanced Simulation)


In Linear Static Analysis (SOL101), I can create subcase and perform multiple simulation in just 1 solution. However, this is not possible with Nonlinear Static Analysis(SOL106) as each subcase is cumulative and will be the inital state for the next subcase. So in order to run multiple case for Non Linear analysis, I have no other option than to create a new solution.

This however give me a problem as i need to run each solution separately and if I have a lot of cases this will be very tedious.

Question: Is there a way to select multiple solution and solve it in just one click? If that is not possible, can someone advise me a quicker method to run all this solution without having to attend to my computer after each solution is finished.




Re: Run Multiple Solution(NX10-Advanced Simulation)

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

In the Simcenter Simulation Navigator, right click on the sim filename at the top and select "Solve All Solutions".

Re: Run Multiple Solution(NX10-Advanced Simulation)

Additional question to this thread...


I realized that when I run few solutions (even linear) sequentially. NX is lagging.

Meaning if I would run mentioned 4 solutions one afeter another by myself it would take me for example 4 minutes.


If sequential run is used, 4 solutions lasts more than twice as much. From my observations it looks that for sequential run preparing each next input files (?) lasts much longer than normally (later solver works normally).



Why is that so?