Seam welding Durability Using Standard Codes


When performing seam welds fatigue analysis with EC3 S-N curves, you can select these types of stress fatigue parameters:Cattura.JPG

but which is exactly the difference between Stress Based and no Stress based parameter (e.g. EC3:HRS, Normal Stress versus EC3: Stress Based, HRS, Normal Stress)?


Besides, Eurocode 3 requires hot spot stress when you analyze the seam weld with a local approach. Is this stress fatigue parameter a kind of hot spot stress? How are the stress from the solver elaborated by this stress fatigue parameter to get the stress range used for the fatigue analysis?


Re: Seam welding Durability Using Standard Codes

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Dear Hen,


seams there are fatigue parameters from different versions of Virtual.Lab in this database.

When we had added the possibility to take the longitudinal stress as well we added the term stress based to the name to disinguish from the force based approaches. The evaluation of the stress in the given diraection is calculated from the FE stress results to get the stress in the distance that is defined in the fatigue parameter (by default 2 times the thickness of the sheet)





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