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Seam welds imported via Xmcf


Hi all!

I would like to create an Xmfc file to import all seam welds that I want to analyze in Virtual.Lab.

The problem is that I don't know which software I am supposed to use in order to create the Xmcf file supported by Virtual.Lab. 

Which is the best choise?



Re: Seam welds imported via Xmcf

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Hi Marcos,


LMS Virtual.Lab supports not only the import of XMCF files, but also the ability to create them.  Once you read the mesh into Virtual.Lab, there is a semi-automated search algorithm which, with some user-adjustable rules, will scan the mesh and generate candidate seam weld definitions - a massive time saver.  You should expect to inspect these automatically generated welds to confirm and make manual adjustments if necessary.  Once they are deemed acceptable, you can export them to an external XMCF file - to be re-used later (if desired - but you probably won't even need to since it's already in VL at this point).  I have also heard that downstream manufacturing processes can also leverage this file.  Long winded way of saying that LMS Virtual.Lab can be a choice for you to generate these files.


Since the XMCF file is a kind of neutral format standard originally promoted by the German auto industry (as far as I understand) - it is therefore reasonable to expect that potentially many different FE pre-processing tools would support this eventually.  However, the only one (besides Virtual.Lab) that I am aware of is ANSA.  Attached is a White Paper which discusses this topic (see page 11), which discusses how TeamCenter is able to be used to help manage this data.