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Setting a new groupe


Dear all, 


I got a question for setting a new groupe. I work with 2D modelling. I have a surface meshed by quadratic method, then I get many T6 triangles.   


What is interesting for me is only the triangles related to one edge of the surface.  Since there is 6 nodes on the 2D element, there is only 3 nodes on one side of the element.  


For example, there are N elements related to this edge, I want to know in each element, what is the number of the 3 nodes that are on this edge.  


How I can creat a groupe to get it?


Thank you a lot! 


Best wishes, 






Re: Setting a new groupe


Hello felixa,


maybe you give us a screenshot, it could help to understand your issue.



Betreff: Setting a new groupe


Hello Felixa,


I do not know exactly whats the special purpose you are interested in getting those nodes per element and I do not know a correct way to put those nodes in groups.


But I cat tell you a way to get the IDs of the elements at the edge and according to each element the node IDs at the edge in a primitive way.


It is part of post processing. And therefore you have to make a simulation.


After that you can collect the information you need by using "Identify results" (yellow question mark) and select as result type something having different values in elements at shared node i.g. grid point forces.

When selecting "element-nodal-results" and picking "feature edge" you will get a list of nodes of the egde sorted by element ID and corresponding node ID. Nodes corresponding to more than one element will appear several times.

May ist enough for you and you do not need the information in NX groups. Export it into Excel or information window and you have got your IDs.

Furthermore you can build groups manually with these information by puting the ID numbers into "new group" dialog.


If you would use linear elements it would be much easier: Make a Thickness contour plot from your model and use all I wrote with thickness-element-nodal.

It works only with linear elements correctly because NX is leaving all midside nodes at this procedure.


I hope it would help. Greetings to You.


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