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Simulating Conveyors in Mechatronics Concept Designer




I am working on a project to simulate a plant process where parts are picked from one conveyor belt and placed into packages in another conveyor belt. I have used the Mechatronics concept designer to work on this. As of now, I have animated the robot to move.


I am however, unable to animate the conveyor. I tried the transport surface option and included collision body to the part, but i seem to be missing something that it does not work even though the robot moves.


Please kindly let me know how i could proceed with this. I have been looking around for resources, but only found "Siemens-PLM-NX-Mechatronics-Concept-Designer-Quick-Start-Guide-X6" that looked relevant. Yet the conveyor would not move.


Re: Simulating Conveyors in Mechatronics Concept Designer

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

The MCD Quick Start Guide describes the transport surface in chapter 2.1 "The Simulation Engine".

The behavior is still the same in the current version.

You may want to double check that a vector and a speed have been defined properly. Also important is that transport surface and the object to be transported both need to have a collision body.


If that doesn´t help then I´d have to know your steps.


By the way in the learning center is a new self-paced training course for MCD NX9 that is pretty nice and much more comprehensive than the Quick Start Guide.