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Solution from condition sequence


I have to create solution from condition sequence in NX 10 multiphysics. Please see the screen shot showing list of time steps in condition sequence manager

condition sequence.png


While creating solution from condition sequence instead of creating time steps 604.729, 604.730 and 604.736 only time step 604.7 is created. please see the screen shot of solution time step created


time step.JPG

I have to create all time steps listed in condition sequence manager. How I can do that?


Re: Solution from condition sequence

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You found a bug. The software is trying to create a step for every time point, but the name of each step is using a truncated time in the name. It ends up trying to create a step with the same name, and is unable to do so. It aborts the current step's creation and goes to the next step.


I'll file a PR to get this fixed. I'm curious why you need such granularity on the time steps though. I believe you stated previously that creating fields were giving you a similar problem? The data points from very close time points were being treated as duplicate.





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