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Speed up SOL106 Between Load Steps

Hello all, 


Enjoy the new year.


Right now, I am working with a simple (I should think) LGDISP problem in SOL106. I have a tab of sheet metal I am bending in one direction using an Enforced Motion Load.


After much work and "debugging," I am now finally getting a solution that converges quickly. Very quickly, in fact, in one iteration. And so, solving for convergence takes 5 seconds while loading up the next load step to solve takes ~1 minute. How can I reduce the time spent between load steps? For example, in the solution monitor, do I need to spend time saving solutions at every loop if I have no plans to restart my solution? What else can be done?


The images below show the results what I am looking at:




Thanks so much,






Re: Speed up SOL106 Between Load Steps


Hi Alex,


two ideas:

1. try to deactivate the functionality "Save for Restart" to get the requirement of time for this. Then you can decide to keep these values for restart or not. But, if you do not use restart, I think there is no problem to discard it. As I remember, "Save for Restart" keeps additional matrices which are not necessary for post processing.


2. If your problem can be solved in RAM completely, maybe your drive for saving is slow and that makes the difference in time? (local drive, network drive, HDD , SSD???)


Best wishes, Michael

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