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Stitch edge query in NX 10



I have a stitch edge issue in my model. During updation of my meshed model the stitched edge is missing/ comand is not working. The screenshots of the issue were attached in the following document. I have the following queries,

             1. How to rectify the above query?

             2. Is there any command to identify the stitched edges in the complete model?

Waiting for the response.


Thanks & Regards.



Re: Stitch edge query in NX 10

I would say that stitching edges is more a function 2D bjects rather than solids.

Since these are solids better solution to connect the meshes is command: Mesh Mating. Try It.


Answering your questions when eges can be stithed or are 'free' on the element borders they are highlihted as below




BR, Tomek

Re: Stitch edge query in NX 10



Thanks for your quick reply,


yeah we tired mesh mating is working fine,,,


For mid surface If element size varies for both plates means what method can be adopted?

Re: Stitch edge query in NX 10

It all depends what you want to achieve. The best will be just to unify the element sizes and simply do one mesh for both elements.