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Stress error NX 10


with NX 10 I can do an error calculation for NX NASTRAN and the system shows the following results:


Analyse des Qualitätsberichts:

Gesamtanzahl der Elemente: 198

Gesamtanzahl der Knoten: 415

Formänderungsenergiefehler [ 7.489531% ]

Dauerspannungsfehler (Relativ) [ 9.267753% ]

Dauerspannungsfehler (Absolut) [ 0.487281N/mm^2(MPa)]

FE-Analyse abgeschlossen. Viele Engineering-Anwendungen erfordern, dass die Norm für Dehnungsenergiefehler unter 5% liegt.


With NX 8.5 the error-results were automatically loaded in the post-process und I could view the distribution (see picture)






With NX 10 I cannot see the error results in the post process. What can I do?


Best regards.



Re: Stress error NX 10

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



NX 10 adaptive meshing support was updated quite a lot. When you run an adaptive solution, NX 10 will produce results related to the adaptive solution, much like results related to any other solution. You will find a results node under the adaptive solution in the Simulation Navigator. That doesn't happen in previous versions. Instead, previous versions show the adaptive meshing error results as part of the solution's results. You can open the NX 10 adaptive solution's results and you will find results such as:


Strain energy error norm

Stress error norm

Mesh refinement level


If you open your old model in NX 10, resolve the adaptive solution, and you should see the new behavior.





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