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Temp Directory for NXADINA




Is it possible to tell NX where to put the temporary files for NXADINA? Part of the files go where I tell them to as stated in the log file "scratch=yes sdirectory=C:\TEMP\TMP1" and seen in the folders. But a lot of them, mostly named "tmpadvnlin.XX" stay in the directory where the simulation files are in. That is not good in general, because that could be slow storage space in the local network.




But much more than that it means, that I cannot solve more than one solution at a time because ADINA wants to use the same filenames, such as "tmpadvnlin.dat" or "tmpadvnlin.50" in every run. Once I start a second solution it stops because of not accessible READONLY files.


I found out that the the solution time for an 601,129 drop test does not speed up when using 8 cores instead of on cores. And as I have 7 solutions I want to compare it would be a lot more sufficient to have them calculated "simultaneously". I tried to create one TMP directory for each solution and set up according "Solver Parameters" for each solution.


The "regular" temorary files suhh as *.DBALL and *.SCRATCH go to the specified places. But the aren't the problem anyways as the get different names. But the "tmpadvnlin.50" stay in the main directory.


Can I tell NX where to put the "tmpadvnlin.50" and similar files?





Re: Temp Directory for NXADINA

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I think you can work around this by specifying a separate location for your input file when you solve your model. Go to the Advanced Solver Options dialog and specify a location other than that where your SIM file is located. For each solve, choose a unique directory.





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Re: Temp Directory for NXADINA


Hello Mark,


thank you for your hint. Although it is a bit of work to set it all up it worked out fine.




I couldn't work with subfolders and had to use full paths instead. This means that I have to be careful when copying folders on my computer or even to another computer. So this will probably be very handy when calculating 8 time-consuming solutions parallel over night or so.


Thanks again!