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Thermal/Flow: How to substract Result Variables?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey everyone!


I'm stuck again and I need your help. I've already searched the web and documentation but I can't find anything related.

I think it's quite simple (or should be) but I can't make it work.

I've got two simulations of the same model with different meshes (coarse and fine). Reviewing the results, for example the Total Pressure, which is Elemental-Nodal and a Scalar value, I see there are some differences. To localize those regions, I wanted to visualize the difference of both results, which means:

Total_Pressure_Coarse - Total_Pressure_Fine

So I create two Result Variables, as a Filter I set the corresponding simulation, the result type in this case would be TotalPressure, as I saw in the Results of each simulation the values are Element-Nodal and Scalar, so I adapt the settings and create variable tot_pres_coarse and tot_pres_fine

Now I create a Result Probe which contains the Formula: tot_pres_coarse-tot_pres_fine on the Entire Model.

I thought this would work but the Result is a pressure value of 0 throughout the model, which can't be.


I would appreciate if anyone could give a hint on what I'm doing wrong. I already searched the documentation but when it comes to formulas and post-processing there really isn't a lot of information.


Best regards