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Transformation of beam related forces/moments from native cs into global coordinate system


Hello  experts,


I'm looking for a transformation relation between the "beam resultants - element nodal" in native coordinate system of beam element and the global coordinate system by using the global coordinates of beam grid points 1 und 2.


I did an export of beam resultants into excel for interpreting the values as screw loadings (axial, and latereal).  Here I was not interested in the correct global orientation because Beam-FXX is the axial load and SQRT(QXY²+QXZ²) is the lateral loading. But now I have to take into account additional loads at contact areas. Now I have to transform my beam results for each beam result component into global coordinate system. Then I can combine it with additional loads.


Is there a possibilty to create a transformation matrix made of coordinates of start and end grid point to do it in an automatical way in excel? I already have a lot of excel files filled with results and I don't want to repoduce it with new results.


Any suggestion will help. Best wishes, Michael

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