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Trasnsient response in Vibro acoustics simulation




I am solving a problem of an audio speaker inside a box and array of microphones located at some distance outside of box which is a typical vibro acoustics problem. I have modeled the audio speaker using a monopole source.

My query is can I use a transient response SOL 109 or 112 for the vibro acoustics analysis as Nastarn is giving only options of Direct and Modal frequency reponse solver types.

I want to give the input pressure of monopole as pressure vs time and also I want the output pressure at microphones as pressure vs time instaed of pressure vs frequency. 

When I try to define a pressure field for monopole it gives only option to define pressure vs frequency only and not time, similarly for output I can only define forcing frequency and not the time steps.

Is there a way to get results in time domain???



Ashwani Thakur. 



Re: Trasnsient response in Vibro acoustics simulation

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Currently, Vibro-acoustic can be solved in SOL108 and SOL111in frequency domain.  Time domain solver is not yet available.  You can perform FFT on your input data and solve in frequency domain.  Later you can IFFT back to time domain if necessary.