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Unable to solve and reopen NX 9 advanced simulations


Hi, I'm new to NX 9 and I am experiencing many problems with advanced Nastran simulation. When I import an exported simulation, I am unable to solve it and get the error message "Failed to write solver input file". 

I also encountered a strange bug where the simulation would and the solution would converge but it would just keep running for hours until I stopped it. 

I also have a problem that when I load a part with a bolt assembly, it fails to load the bolts and leaves them unloaded. Also, for any assembly that I run a simulation on, I cannot seem to open it and have to make a new one to run a similar simulation. I've attatched a picture of the simulation if it helps at all.

Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!




Re: Unable to solve and reopen NX 9 advanced simulations

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Siemens Phenom

It's hard to say without more specific errors, log files and/or model data.


Your best bet would be to contact GTAC and open a support issue.