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Unable visualise results in large OP2 file


Hi all,


I'm having trouble opening my simulation results in NX11.


I have simulated a model with ~9000 nodes for ~2000 time steps, and the solver (SOL 601) finished successfully. I have verified the successful completion by looking through the logs for possible mishaps and no such things occured. Also, a very big OP2 file is created (~20 GB).


The problem is that, when I try to load and visualise the results, I can see that lots of data is read from disk (presumably the OP2 file that is being read). However, all of a sudden, NX11 informs me that "no results are found", and no results are loaded.


Am I missing something? Is the OP2 file too big? Can I verify the integrity of the file using some command-line tools (preferably)?





Betreff: Unable visualise results in large OP2 file

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Hello Evy,


your  thread is something old, but maybe you still look for answers.

Here a short hint:

As I did solve large models I reduce the output requests to special result values AND also to special node and element groups. Space requirements reduced dramatically.


(But if your solution lasts very long that hint comes too late ;-)


I can't tell you if there is a limitation in file size. But I think there is a limitation in endurable performance loss. Sometimes it depends on free system memory available for NX in windows. I suppose you are using NX in WINDOWS operating system.


Output request reduction can show you if there are really no correct results after solution, I think. And as you are solving a transient problem the reduction of time steps onto the first quater of steps could reduce your space requirements from 20 GB to 5 GB, that should be a good size for testing.


Best wishes, Michael.

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