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User Defined Transition Matrix for Rxms method


Hi all!


For very special  weld geometries, user- defined models can be used for Rxms approach. The FE-model of the according detail model can be adjusted to the real geometry. This results in the highest accuracy of the fatigue life prediction. Until now, the FE models could be generated by the user, but the transition matrix was generated by LMS Virtual.Lab.


I cannot figure out how to generate the FE model (ex: which dimentions should I consider for the detailed weld fem model? Which loads and boundary conditions?) and  the transition matrix to execute the durability analysis with the user defined seam weld.   


Re: User Defined Transition Matrix for Rxms method

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Dear Hen,


user defined configurations are typically created in a project directly with us as this is in most (or nearly all) cases the more efficient approach, as creating such matrices indeed needs some special care in preparing the FE data and also post-processing them into such a user defined model.


Of course it is possible to do this but this is unfortunately nothing to just explain in a forum post.

So if you need something please contact directly by GTAC.


Best Regards



Dr.Michael Hack
Business Product Line Manager
Durability Simulation