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Using adaptive mesh


When I try to use adaptive mesh in assembly simualtion, an error saying "no valid solutions for adaptivity" pop-up. Does that mean adaptive meshing is not available in assembly simulation?

If yes, then how could I represent the loading on a particular component impost from the assembly? Anyway of extracting the assembly simulation solution for a single component so that I can do adaptive mesh on it?


Thank you very much


Re: Using adaptive mesh

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Adaptive meshing doesn't support solutions based upon assembly FEMs. It only supports solutions based upon FEMs. So, you would have to define a FEM from your assembly. Another option is to use breakout modeling techniques to isolate your component in a single FEM and then load it based upon results from the assembly. For example you could use displacements from the assembly as enforced displacements in the component FEM model. Then adaptively solve the component FEM.


NX 10 provides a complete re-work of adaptive meshing support. I suggest you take a serious look at adaptive meshing when you get NX 10. I typically do not recommend using adaptive meshing, but that has changed as of NX 10.





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Re: Using adaptive mesh

Thanks Mark.