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Varying pressure with time




I am working on master thesis and it is about FEA of a tank.

I will make a sloshing load which I get input files from a CFD program.

In the input file are 4 colums ( x, y, z, pressure) and pressure is varying. Each file has about 62600 rows.

There are several input files for the time period.


How can I set up the pressure load?

Hope someone can help me with this problem.


Best Regards,

Betül Arikan



Re: Varying pressure with time

I can see two solutions:

1. In *.sim file you can define field for the pressure that will varay over the time.

2. Try to define dummy pressyre (ex. 1kPa), and then specify a spatial field of the factors that will varay over the time. Then easy factorize your dummy pressure load with specified field.


these are the very general solutions, hopefully there will be more replies if you will put some screenshots of your model or if you will describe little bit detailed your case.


Hint for you: If you are a student and are famliar with CD Adapco, I've heard that there is an interface that enables you a direct transfer of hydrodynamic loads from Star CCM+ to the NX. Of course proper licensing is required Smiley Happy


I hope it helped.

Re: Varying pressure with time



Thanks for your reply!


I made a pressure load with table field. There is pressure variable, and time is not specified.


Can you explain your 1. solution in detail?

Is it possible to have time from 0 to 10 sec with 0,05 sec interval?


No, I am not familiar with Adapco.





Re: Varying pressure with time

I do not know the specifics of your problem, however you can try to do this in SOL129, SOL601-129 or SOL701.

Probably the easiest way is to try SOL129, In the solution case control --> nonlinear transient parameters you can define number of time steps abd time incrementation.

To define a field go:



There you can specify the pressure vs time (independent domain)


Your results are taken from CFD software, and probably it will be very hard to assign them to the proper geometry since each elemet will have different pressure. Then i would propose you to try with applying nodal pressure where you can apply pressure components and "factorize" them with distribution field which you can define as shown below:


Nevertheless it is quite hard task. Probably here are people who can help you more with that. I do not have experience with fluid-structure interaction so my proposals are so to say propositios how to try to solve this problem.


Anyway, wish you luck ! Smiley Happy