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Which Entities in Group for Simulation with group export


Dear Experts,


if I want to do a simulation which shall not contain the whole model I can use "GROUP EXPORT" in

"Advanced Solver options"  => "Solver Options" => "Subset Export".


Online Help says:

Lets you control whether you export your entire model or just portions of it.
• Select Full model to export your entire model.
• Select Visible elements to export only the elements that are currently displayed in your model.
• Select Selected groups to export only the contents of the selected groups. If you select multiple
groups, the software exports all the entities in the selected groups. In addition to exporting
the contents of a selected group, the software also exports:
- Any loads and boundary conditions associated with the nodes and elements in the group.
- All nodes associated with the elements in that group, even if the nodes themselves are
not members of the group.


My Model (NX 8.5.2) contains two types of solution types:

- NX NASTRAN Structural Sol101 and

- NX NASTRAN Thermal Sol 153.


The thermal solutions deal only with parts of my assembly.


Mostly the parts are

- glued or

- work with surface to surface contact or

- use beams with rbe spiders for connection.


How can I guarantee that specific spider connections and following conventional elements are not selected automatically?

Will every gluing and contact description will follow?


Does that kind of export influence the post processing behavior?


The model is really big and I think it could be a good way in organization without breaking down the AFM file and SIM File into different versions.


Who can explain it to me? - Who has experiences with "Group export"?


Any suggestions will be helpful. Best regards, Michael

Production: NX10; Development: VB, TCL/TK, FORTRAN; Testing: NX11
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