durability analisys, displacements after last cycle




I have a question about durability analisys.
It shows me how many cycles my detail withstands before failure. But can it show what displacements and sresses will be after the last cycle?


I use NX 11


Re: durability analisys, displacements after last cycle

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Dear Mandarin,


standard fatigue analysis on metals assume that the fatigue process does not change the global behavior of the structure. Once something (e.g. the global stiffness) would change, the fatigue calculation stops. Therefore for traditional metal based fatigue (as the NX Advanced Fatigue module in NX11 is) there is no sense in re-calculating displacements and stresses.

Nevertheless in the next version of Simcenter there will be a composite fatigue module. This module assume sthat there is a change of stiffness over time, and automatically recalculates those in FE. So there the intemediated and final results are available.


Hope this helps 




Dr.Michael Hack
Business Product Line Manager
Durability Simulation