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files for batch meshing


Hi all,


I have launch the batch meshing window, I have an error. Attached the log file error.


"stdInput: ERROR: File not found
Appending d:\Users\Desktop\TESTS\ CAE BACTH MESHING\TEST MESH SOLID V1__FEM__MeshReport.LOG to d:\Users\Desktop\NX TESTS\CAE BACTH MESHING\LOG_140414174818.log"


I am not sure, but I think that batch mesher needs 3 files, 1-ufx_batchmeshing_sample_criteria.txt, 2-ufx_batchmeshing_sample_param.txt and a

3-CAE .FEM template.

Actually, I have tried with both .TXT files with no succes on batch meshing.

Do I need the .FEM template too, with two .TXT files?


Thanks in advance,


Re: files for batch meshing

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Igor, I think for someone to understand the problem, you need to actually attach the log file, but this may really a question for GTAC.




Simcenter 3D Community Manager
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Re: files for batch meshing

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

For the first steps I would recommend to use the batch mesher with the GUI. It can be started with the following command:




All you have to do then is to select a CAD geometry and with defaults it should generate you a meshed part.