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fluid structure interaction

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Siemens Pioneer



I am trying to model a piece of metal being heated and melting from solid to liquid. I want to model how the metal is melted and the molten metal flow around the unmelted solid metal. So there will be thermal and structural analysis, also fluid flow. I am wondering if virtual fluid mass (MFLUID) of SOL 129 a good choice?


Is there anywhere I can find detailed documentation and additional reading of virtual fluid mass, especially the theory behind it?




Re: fluid structure interaction

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Solution Partner Genius



You can try to search NX Documentation for information about Mfluid. For more source, you can try to search in NX Nastran Documentation.


However, I dont think phase change (from solid to liquid) is possible in NX yet. The FSI that NX is currently have is a one way interaction, where the Flow analysis is performed first, then following with the Structure analysis where the Flow data is mapped. 2 way interactions is not possible yet.


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