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material direction after rotating the body




I have assigned an anistropic material to a fem with default direction. Later, i rotated the polygon body associated to that fem in ideal part file. After updating, i found the material direction was not updated. What i expect is that the direction is associated to the body's coordinate so that it will be transformed when the body is rotated. I might do something wrong, could someone give some comments or suggestions?





Re: material direction after rotating the body


Hi kan,

as no-one is answering you, I try to explain, what I think:

The default co-ordinate systems of FEM structures are not explicit defined. That means if you use CS 0 (absolute CS) it is "declared by orientation of global space".

If you rotate your polygon body then the orientation of global  is untouched. Therefore, the orientation of your material is also untouched.

If you assemble our FEM in an AFM and you rotate your FEM during that process then the orientation of global space is a fixed information of AFM. So your material orientation will change or flip to the orientation of global space of AFM. That is also very important to know if you define elements of type CBUSH or CELAS with special orientation and use absolute co-ordinate system for declaration. The absolute CS of FEM will flip to absolute CS of AFM.


Therefore, if you want to use special non-isotropic materials or want to have a specific property in a specific orientation depending on polygon body in FEM you have to define a specific co-ordinate system. It will rotate during assembly process according to rotation of FEM.

I'm not sure, but maybe you can define co-ordinate systems in PART and then maybe you can import it into iPart of FEM according to orientation of SOLID Body => polygon body.


I hope you can understand what I mean Smiley Wink

Best wishes, Michael

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