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measure plastic deformed geometry




I'm simulating a profile bending process. It works more or less. Now I need to measure the radius of the profile after the plastic deformation. How can this be done?

There are two pictures of the simulationattached showing the situations I want to measure.

The aim is to find the parameters to bend a defined radius of complex profiles.


Thanks for any help or suggestion.




Re: measure plastic deformed geometry

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Siemens Phenom

There are a few ways to do this, depending on how many measurements you need:


1) If you use Identify results to probe displacements in a Postview, you can export the selection to a file or a spreadsheet. Here you can get the undeformed coordinates and the displacement values of each selected node. In a spreadsheet, you can add the displacements to the undeformed coordinates to get the deformed coordinates. You can then subtract the deformed coordinates of one node from those of another to get the distance between them.


2) To get displacement of one node with respect to another node, set the first node as the Reference Node on the Result dialog.


3) You can deform the mesh and use tools in the fem/sim to list node coordinates/measure. Make the .fem part the work part. Use Identify Results to query the deformations at nodes in the model in a Post View. Use the output option to create a Table Field. Set the Independent Domain as Node ID and the Dependent Domain as Cartesian. Now, use Node translate with the By Field method to modify the node coordinates by adding the displacements.



Re: measure plastic deformed geometry


We have also gotten into the habit of generating a JT file of the deformed shape that can then be read back into NX to measure and/or compare against the original CAD.


Be sure to turn off the display of element edges when generating the JT file due to some issue in reading the file back into NX when there are a large number of edges.

Re: measure plastic deformed geometry

Thank you for your solution. I kept the display of element edges, like this I'm able to select the nodes to measure.