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"plot thickness contours" can't be used for "Locked and update pending" 2D mesh


I try to plot  thickness contours, but found that it not support  "Locked and update pending" 2D meshes. Is it a normal phenomenon or a bug?



Re: "plot thickness contours" can't be used for "Locked and update pending" 2D m


Hi Wanglirong,

As I retry it, I've seen the same behavior in NX10 like you.

But, as long as the mesh is only locked but has not in "Updade pending" state the thickness can be plotted. With "Update pending" state it can't. After unlocking the mesh "Update Pending" keeps exist and "Plot Contour" is also NOT available. It  depends on "Update pending" state.

"Update pending" freezes a lot of functionality at different levels. Maybe "Plot contour" is one of it. Nevertheless, I do not understand why "Plot contour" isn't possible for "Update pending" elements or meshes as the elements exist and the property is defined.

If one freezes the FEM for not doing updates the solution is solvable but "Plot contour" keeps impossible.


I believe inactive "Plot contour" here is an error! - Can some  explain it?

Best wishes, Michael

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