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response spetrum




i am new user of response simulation, and i am doing a response spetrum anlysis of a steel support, using NX 10. See below for the support, and i have defined the Enforcemotion in X,Y,Z directions at the four mesh points at the bottom plate, RB2 has been used to connect the mesh point to the bottom plate.


2017-08-04 14-47-28.jpg

i am interesting on the force and bending moment results at the base plate, how do i review those result?

I have check reaction force in Evaluate peak results function, but the reaction force and moment is zero...

seems something wrong, please help.

2017-08-04 14-47-28.jpg


Re: response spetrum

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at first I would start with modal and frequency response analysis rather than go directly to response spectrum.

Have a look on this video - it may help:


Then I would suggest to constrain the model from four holes by one rigid element to one node (in center under pillar). In this central node You will apply enforced motion.


If you can send me the model, I may play with it a little.


Re: response spetrum


Hi Juraj


Thanks for the help.


As you suggested, I apply the enforce motion constrains at the the center node under pillar, using RB2 to connect the nodes at the four holes. Similar Von-mises results is expected, but the result by constraining the center node is much lower than constraining the nodes at four holes. I have also compared the acceleration level in X direction at top plate, and i couldn't understand why there is huge difference. How to interpret results? any idea?  thanks

2017-08-04 14-47-28.jpg2017-08-05 14-47-28.jpg