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simple Simcenter questions


I have simple Simcenter 3D questions:

  • how can I expand all nodes (the +) in the simulation navigator in the same time?
  • how to create several fems in the same time?
  • how to delete a Hole face with a diameter value with Synck Teck. I specify a value, but no holes are selected, and OK is grey-out!!
  • what if i want to add a hole in my ipart. How do I do that?
  • how can i deleate an element from a mesh?

Thanks you very much in advance



Re: simple Simcenter questions

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Siemens Legend

Hi Marc,


let me answer your questions:


1) if you are in simulation Navigator, rightclick on the grey column header (typically you have the "Name" Column first), then you can select "Expand all" or "Collapse all".


2) You can add multiple Fems to a Part (or IPart) by just usign the "New FEM" button several times on the same part file. You will see the relations in the Simulation File View on the bottom of your Simulation Navigator. If you like to inverse the Relation View, you can select the "Part Centric View" by rightclicking on the "Session" Top Node on the Simulation File view.


3) After selecting the value you have to select a hole and then automatically all holes that are smaller than the defined diameter are selected. You can also use the "Select All" Button or use the Rectangle Multiselect to select the whole part.


4) You can use the standard modelling commands on your Ipart. Wave Link or Promote the Ipart, then switch to the Modelling application. Now you can use sketch and Extrude, or define a cylinder and substract it, or model a hole using the standard modeling commands.


5) Make the FEM File to the displayed or work part. Then switch to the "Nodes and Elements" Tab. You will find a "Delete" Button in the elements group. Now you can select the elements (or group of elements) you would like to delete.


Best regards




Re: simple Simcenter questions


Hi all,


I have a question following on the first question marclecoque1 asked, when some or all nodes are expanded and you jump from your .fem to your .sim-file or the other way around the expanded nodes automatically close again. It makes the simulation navigator neat, but it forces me to click too much.


How can I avoid this and make Simcenter hold the expanded nodes open when I have opened them before switching from fem/sim to fem/sim.


Many regards,



Re: simple Simcenter questions

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Siemens Legend



If you want to switch between FEM and SIM and keep the Tree structure, you can use the "Set Work Part" instead of "Set Displayed part". This will keep all Simulation Navigator settings and not change them.


If you are in SIM just right click on the FEM in the navigator and select "Set Work Part". Event the Double click behaviour is now set to this option. So next time you double click on the SIM it will be just set as Work Part.


It is the same philosophy like in CAD. You can now see the boundary conditions in FEM, if you are working on an assembly fem, you can also see neighboring parts, etc.


I hope this helps in your workflow.