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understanding contact directions

Hi all,


I try to proceed with next example of non-linear contact and meet some problem with contact surfaces directions.

I created simple model like below: punch & foot (as rigid regions) and plate to be formed (two regions one with top and bottom surface). The formed plate normals are directed -Z.

Contact between the foot and plate displays correctly, however the contact between the punch and plate seems to be wrong. How to change this ? I meet this problem severat times and usually decided to do the solid model, however it is not a solution.


Do anyone have an idea how to switch those regions so it will display and work ( I hope ) correctly ?


Thanks Smiley Happy




Re: understanding contact directions

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

The displayed arrows will always show the positive normal direction of the element. Their display will not change when you change the Surface setting from top to bottom on the region. "Top" always refers to the direction that the arrow is pointing. "Bottom" always refers to the opposite direction.


As this is a SOL 601 solution, the direction specified on the source region BCRPARA is ignored. SOL 601 3D contact is enforced between the grids on the source region and the element faces of the target region.

Re: understanding contact directions

Great Thanks JimB.


Those arrows are quite misleading however it works Smiley Happy


Something for eye from this simulation:

Re: understanding contact directions


A better way to distinguish the top and bottom surface is to click the "Backface culling" command.