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wedge support for ship keeling



I am doimg structural analysis on the below model


Load to be applied on top and bottom applied with fixed contraint.Left and right are sliding structures with a rod through it.

I used solid 10 noded tetrahedral element and applied surface to surface gluing for entire structure. Applied slider contstraints to the sliding structure surfaces. I did sol 101 and got the result. But I am not sure about the approach in using slider constraint to this type of problem. Can anyone validate my approach or suggest alternate approach to the problem if any.




Re: wedge support for ship keeling

I am not very fammiliar with sliding constraint, but I am pretty sure that by applying it in your case you will not get correct results.

First, Sliding Constraint is a normal SPC where you define independet CSYS. Another words, it is automated way of adding User Defined constraint with one free DOF. This means that you will not get interaction between the keel support blocks.


To get proper results you have to define the contacts between the blocks.

Firs define regions, then Simulation Object --> Surface to surface contact. There you can also apply firction between block.

Good luck !