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what about cyclic symmetry post treatment in NX

When will NX support a 3D post display of cyclic symmetric results, modal analysis included?
ANSYS does that. We need it, so we filed an ER about this subject since 16-nov-2005. (Yes, 2005) Smiley Sad
In november 2010 we have had exchanges with European CAE Technical Manager at Siemens PLM Software after the presentation of NX7.0/NX7.5 and with Product Manager, NX Simulation Pre/Post. It has been told us that they are planning to, but that will be after the NX8 release :confused:
So it has been all good for ANSYS to gain parts in this area. Too bad for NX since NXNastran creates the sets of results but they cannot be post-treated in NX!
When will this post-treatment be able to deal with display of cyclic symmetric results?

Re: what about cyclic symmetry post treatment in NX

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Siemens Phenom
NX 8.0 supports axisymmetric results as a 3D display. It turns the 2D element display into a 3D display by revolving shells into bricks for a user specified total revolve angle and number of element rows.

A full model display of cyclic symmetry results still isn't supported. NX does support mirroring of a post processing display. So if you had half symmetry you could display the full model. It doesn't support replicating a revolved sector multiple times about the revolve axis, nor does it support post processing display of symmetry/assymetry results as you would get in a cyclic symmetry modal solve.

Additional cyclic symmetry support in NX pre/post processing is bubbling to the top of the enhancements list. However it will not make the next major release (NX 8.5) which is quickly approaching beta test deadlines.