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y+ in cfd





When simulating flow over an airfoil in NX advanced flow, one can check in the results options to obtain y+ values on a flow surface.  I am familiar with this value and I know that values should be below 5 to have a first mesh point in the laminar sublayer, and between 30 and 200 to have a first mesh point in the turbulent boundary layer, using wall functions



However there is also y+ value displayed (by default) in the fluid domain.  Does anyone know what's the physical meaning of this value?  Are there also some restrictions on this value one should keep in mind?


thanks for feedback






Geert Bekaert

KU Leuven | Campus Oostende (@KHBO)
Faculty of Engineering Technology | Technology Cluster WIT Research Group Propolis Zeedijk 101 | B-8400 Ostend tel. +32 50 40 59 34