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Welcome to the CAE Simulation - Simcenter Madymo forum.


This is where you can share experiences, ask product questions, and join the discussion intended to help users get to know the Simcenter Madymo Simulation suite of products. This is a community effort, so don’t be afraid to pitch in!  We need YOU to help make this a valuable forum for all. You are essential to the community, even if all you ever do is read messages or articles that someone else has posted.


  1. Just a reminder: the forum does not take the place of technical support. The Global Technical Access Center (GTAC) is your first call for technical support ... and technical questions will be referred to GTAC. Or, if you have a maintenance agreement with a Siemens partner / reseller, your first call for support should be to them.
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  3. Please respect the Community Rules of Participation. Always play nice and remain polite, this forum is intended to be a supportive place. Violations to the community guidelines might involve moderation actions, from posts edits up to community ban.
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Have fun, and welcome to the conversation!