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Aeroelastic analysis on a Helicopter Rotor


Hi guys,


I'm trying to assess the aeroelastic behavior of some component of an Helicopter, precisely the Main and Tail rotor and the tail stabilizer and right now i'm a little stumped.


Now, while the stabilizer, thank to some webinar i found, were pretty much easy to assess, i'm having some problem with the rotors. Principally, my problem is actually understanding if it's possible to make use of Femap rotordynamic module to assess the flutter on a rotating structure or if i need to actually introduce by myself the rotation speed and the gyroscopic effect just like described in the advanced dynamic guide and then use a SOL 146 analysis with the updated stiffnes and inertial matrix.


I want to add that i'm nowhere what you would define an advanced user, so it's possible that i just wrote some stupid things.


Another question would be if there is a need to actually consider a rotational speed in the aerodynamic model.


Like you can see i'm actually lost and am unable to proceed since i don't like to make attempts and would prefer to proceed after having a full understandig on how NX Nastran deal with these matters.


Thanks for the help!!