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Automatic detection of contacting surfaces

When setting up a nonlinear (either static or dynamic, say sol 601,106 or sol 601,129) problem involving contact, the surfaces which may hit each other need to be individually defined by the user as a contact pair. In a complicated model with multiple parts, this can be a tedious task, plus you can always miss a surface or two by mistake. 


Is there a way (i.e a particular solution setting, external script,,etc) for NX CAE to automatically detect surfaces which may come in contact with each other and generate these pairs under the hood ? If this is not an option for sol 601, how about the new solution types (sol 401, 402) introduced more recently ?






Re: Automatic detection of contacting surfaces

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



There currently is no explicit auto contact option available. However, you could create a single region that contains all of the faces in the model (or at least all of the possible contact faces), then create a contact set that selects this region as both the source and the target.


Note that with this approach, solution time may increase noticeably. You are effectively trading off pre-processing time for solution time.

Re: Automatic detection of contacting surfaces

Thanks Jim. I thought I should check in case I missed something on the auto-detection of contacting surfaces. Would be a handy feature to consider for future releases.


Good tip on defining the same surface for source / target. I will try some benchmarking on one of the my models.