Best configuration for .BAT files on local workstation


Hi all,


Which is the best configuration for launching .BAT files on local workstation with NX Nastran for linear static, non linear, modal and thermal analysis.


I am using this configuration on local worksation with .BAT files, I am not sure about bat=, mem= and parallel= variables and the usage of nastran64.exe or other nastran solver on local WS. Workstations has 64 RAM DDR 3, 3 Hard Drive main one Samsung SSD and 8 cores and windows 8.1


"C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 9.0\NXNASTRAN\bin\nastran64.exe" of0277-200-001_sim1.dat bat=no mem=4 parallel=2

"C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 9.0\NXNASTRAN\bin\nastran64.exe" of0277-200-002_sim2.dat bat=no mem=4 parallel=2


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Re: Best configuration for .BAT files on local workstation

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You want to use nastran64.exe for LP-64 runs (memory requests less than 8GB) and nastran64L.exe for ILP-64 runs.


The 'bat(ch)' keyword does nothing on windows - this is a unix/Linux only parameter


Mem(ory) is the memory allocation in blocks a value of 4 is way too low. Nastran probably will not even start with this value. This keyword takes text describers - most commonly 'mb' and 'gb'. Specifying "mem=4gb" allocates 4 gigabytes of memory.


Parallel (or smp) = 2 is a good value if you have sufficient IO. If you're running on a laptop with a single mechanical SATA drive, you probably won't see much improvement with smp=2.


"C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 9.0\NXNASTRAN\bin\nastran64.exe" of0277-200-001_sim1.dat mem=4gb parallel=2


Note: do not use nastran64w.exe or nastran64Lw.exe - the 'w' signifies 'window' - these executables will launch a small dialog that prompts the user to browse to the input file, then allows them to enter an additional keyword string.

Re: Best configuration for .BAT files on local workstation


Hi Jim,


So for a workstation with 32 to 64 GB RAM DDR3 and 3 Hard Drives the main one SSD and with 8 cores intel. Which is the best .BAT configuration? something like,


"C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 9.0\NXNASTRAN\bin\nastran64L.exe" of0277-200-001_sim1.dat mem=24gb parallel=2 with WS at 32 GB and for WD with 64 GB, mem=48gb parallel=2



Re: Best configuration for .BAT files on local workstation

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  Limit the mem keyword for nastran to less than 50% of available RAM on the machine. This will give operating system enough memory for I/O cache.