Differences between NX Nastran and MSC Nastran



I've done a structural optimization with sol 200.

In my model I've imposed  stress constraints using the DRESP1 and DCONSTR cards.

So, I've runned the model first whit Nastran NX and after with MSC Nastran.

The two f06 are different, I imagine becouse they utilizes different algorithms to optimize the model, but both optimization finished with hard convergence.

In the MSC output  the active responses are reported but in the NX one no.

  • Can someone explain me why?There is a method to plot active responses in a different file or in the F06 file?

Another difference I've noticed is in the post processing with Femap. I want to visualize the top and bottom von mises stress contour:

  • With NXfile f06 I've no problem;
  • With MSC file 06 I can see a lot of pshell element that violate the stress constraint (linked to the response on von mises stress) but the file F06 don't show any violated responses( and the optimization finish with hard convergence). Why does it happen?

If you have any questions just tall me!


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