Element quality criteria

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I need to do element quality control in NX12 (NX Nastran) and I have the prescribed


Aspect = 8
Stretch = 0.25
Jacobian = 0.5
MidPoid dev = 33.3
MidPoid alig = 33.3
UserThickness = 0.1mm
Mesh>A.Paste = 0.1mm
Check Duplicate
Check Negativ Volume

Percentage of TRIA Shell < 5%
Warping Shell: 15° Ideas
Warping Solid: 25° Ideas
Aspect Ratio Shell: 1:4
Aspect Ratio Solid Tetra: 1:8
Internal Angle QUAD: 40°-140°
Internal Angle TRIA: 20°-120°

I do not know how to find out

MidPoid dev
MidPoid alig


I think these are the element quality parameters of Catie or Abaqus.

Do not you know what quality controls in NX Nastran to assign to them?

I have no explanatory document on what the quality criteria are.