Element stiffness described by: FRF or Transfer Function or Pole Zeros list



I am using NX Nastran 12. Is it possible to add to my FE model a lumped element that rappresent a linear sistem whose mechanical behaviour (stiffness) is described by:

  • List of pole and zeros
  • Transfer Function polinomial (e.g. 1/(s+1)).
  • Frequency Respone Function (e.g. a list of mechanical properties in terms of magnitude and phase for each frequency value)
  • An State Space ABCD model, with one input (e.g. relative displacement of the "fictitous spring") and one output (e.g. force due to a relative displacement).

Since those are all those rappresentations are linear, SOL101 and SOL103 can be easly used to solve the FE model + special element.